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Cottages in the National Park of Leivonmäki

Tähtitalvikki -cottage is a high-level cottage in the middle of beautiful Nature park of Leivonmäki. Surrounded by a peaceful and the private sandshore of the lake Rutajärvi, which is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. You can spend a lovely time there in peace and quiet, without worrying about neighbours. Now pets are welcome to the cottage, too. (There are some limits where the pets can go and we take a little extra price from pets.)

There are rooms for 8+2 people in the cottage (3 bedrooms, livingroom+ kitchen, 2 toilets, veranda, sauna, bathroom). There are modern home appliances which makes your holiday easy (washing maschine, dish washer, micro-owen, cooker, fridge…). Thanks to the TV, stereo and DVD-player even a rainy day can’t ruin your holiday. You can use Wi-Fi for free.

In the cottage there is an electric sauna and a shower and in summer time you have an opportunity to enjoy a woodheated sauna near the shore. In the sauna you can relax and forget all your worries.

You have also many opportunies to take day trips to the national park and visit local places.

Haukiranta- cottage  is a traditional summer cottage in the middle of a beautiful nature and by a little lake Vähä Harjujärvi which is excellent for fishing.

There are rooms for 4+1 persons and  pets are welcome. There are solar panels to generate electricity for light and one power socket (for example for charging mobile phone). A stove and a fridge are generated by gas. In the front yard there is a well for drinking water, nice place for barbecue, a woodshed and an outhouse.

This cottage is a wonderful place to relax, to fish, to take a stroll in the forest and to pick wild berries and mushrooms.

Here you can read about the fishing licence system in Finland.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE, JUST ASK!  I’m more than happy to help you and answer any questions.

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Marianne and Matti Kosonen

Vartiamäentie 566
19920 Pappinen

tel. +35840 708 4441/Marianne

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